Zocoalco de Torres, Jalisco: Half Truths and Softly Spoken Lies

An announcement was recently made on the internet within the municipality of Zocoalco de Torres. The message of an imposed taxation went out to several citizens. And in response the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación quickly responded in defense of their criminal enterprise. 

As is usual with organized crime groups they have a tendency of promoting themselves as saviors for the townspeople. Wether this initial warning of an impending taxation for citizens is real or not is up for debate. What is known is that sometimes these tactics go out as a test run to see who all can be so easily duped with lies. Just as well to see which enemies can be drawn out for direct action contact. 

Digital translations are as follows:

My name is El Chino. And I am the person in charge of the plaza here in Zocoalco de Torres. You are hereby informed that you have to pay a taxation of 250,000 pesos. That’s a quarter million pesos if you want to continue working within this municipality. If you choose to do otherwise and ignore this message. We will personally come by and have you kidnapped. We will stop by your residence next week for our money.  CJNG

CJNG Response:

Through this message I would like to let the entire community of Zocoalco de Torres and its municipality know. About a message that is reaching several people, where they are threatening and asking for money saying that they’re the CJNG. We ask you to ignore it.

We’re re here to protect our community and put an end to this kind of scum. We are currently working on finding the whereabouts of the person who is doing this. We ask that if someone receives this kind of message again, please come to one of our employees to follow up and find that person soon.

We reiterate, don’t heed to these types of threats. We’re here to serve the people, not to hurt you. Thank you very much. CJNG