Z-40 was transferred; his lawyers say there was a plan to have him “disappear”

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Source

Lawyers for Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales say that their client was a victim of torture, cruel treatment and there was a plan to have him “vanish” and plan to subject him to an extrajudicial execution.
At the time of his prison transfer the attorneys for Miguel Treviño aka Z40, were not notified as is protocol. 
Miguel Angel Trevino Morales ” Z-40 “, supreme leader of Los Zetas, was transferred to the Central Federal Social Rehabilitation ( Cefereso ) 17, in “la tierra caliente” Buenavista Tomatlán, Michoacán. 
The transfer came after he accused authorities of the prison Puente Grande, in Jalisco, sought to “disappear or assassinate him,” it was reported this Friday.
According to court records, Treviño Morales’ lawyers went before a federal judge in Mexico City, charging  that at the Federal Center for Social Readaptation number 2 in the West, considered to be a maximum-security prison, his client was a victim of torture, cruel treatment and a plan was in effect to “Forced disappearance and subject him to an extrajudicial execution”.
The leader of Los Zetas remained in the maximum-security prison of Puente Grande for almost a year and just last week his lawyer Víctor López filed an application for Amparo, a judge ordered the establishing the location Treviño Morales and stop hostilities against him.
Z-40, arrested in July of 2013 by elements of the Navy (Semar) on a rural road where he was traveling from Sabinas Coahuila to near Nuevo Laredo, allegedly to visit his newborn son.
On June 30 he was brought to the Cefereso Number 17 “CPS”, in Michoacán.
Treviño Morales, whose family founded the now Northeast Cartel that operates in Tamaulipas and Nuevo León, is part of a group of  more than 300 inmates considered highly dangerous who were transferred last June 30 to different prisons in the country, underground and air security device, led by the Navy, Army and the National Guard.
The Cefereso 2 de Occidente reported to the judge Augusto Octavio Mejia Ojeda, head of the Third District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters, the transfer of Treviño Morales was conducted in compliance with the trade SPC / PRS / 8145/2020 .
Given this, the judge ordered the authorities of Cefereso de Michoacán to be notified that that same day he granted the complainant that there will be an outright suspension of acts of torture, cruel treatment and forced disappearance to subject him to an extrajudicial execution.
Likewise, he requested the support of the District Judge on duty, residing in Uruapan, to instruct the actuary to go to Cefereso de Michoacán so that Treviño Morales manifests whether or not to ratify the application for Amparo that he promoted on June 30.
Plan to escape
On June 8, a judge from the Federal Center for Social Readaptation 1 in Almoloya de Juárez, State of Mexico transferred Miguel Ángel, Treviño Morales. The change to Cefereso in Jalisco occurred after the appearance of a video in which hooded and armed men warned of a plan for the narco to escape from prison.
That same day, his lawyer filed for Amparo, after going to the State of Mexico prison and not finding his client. He argued before the First District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters of Mexico City that “El Zeta-40” had suffered an enforced disappearance,  he then demanded to locate him.