Yaqui is AWOL: Fire on the Mountain

Yaqui for Borderland Beat

Yaqui and her critter club, the Peanut Pack, have been under Mandatory Evac orders for 10 days due, once again, to the Biggest Wildfire in California history. Didn’t she just go through this two years ago? 

Yes, she did. This time the situation is even more dire than last time! The entire West Coast is on fire.

Well, Yaqui and the Pack have not evacuated yet, there is just too much to do, but no worries, they will not do anything stupid or foolish by staying too long. So far, she has spent alot of time directing all these wonderful Fire Fighters , who have come from all over the country to help us out AGAIN, because resources are stretched so thin and no one knows the terrain or the roads and the fire is just so damn big; alot of them are complaining that they just have to spend too much time driving around.

She is busy being Command Central for the other hillbillies on her little mountain, monitoring every piece of data available, with her eyes on the prize: The Winds. 

The smoke is something else and besides being hideous it determines which and what Aircraft can fly the fire. The finicky Wind has driven this fire and its Fire Fighters mad. Treacherous terrain makes it extremely difficult on the Ground Crews, god bless them.

While not communicating the latest, there is always more brush to bust and leaves blow and watering to be done. The Peanut Pack is bored to death, the burras, ie but the doggies think all this excitement in the air and all the nice new people they get to meet is kind of fun ! Oh, to be such a trusting, faithful and innocent being ! Hopefully, We won’t all have COPD by the time this is over which may be when it snows.

THIS is the heavenly paradise at 6000 ft that was one of the Packs favorite camping , hiking, riding places that will never be the same in our lifetimes, or even close to it. Very sad, just hoping all the animals got out alive with their hides intact..
Yaqui really does wish she could be Posting for BB and not living this nightmare, but life deals cruel blows. Please everyone send good ju ju and be patient with Chivis and the rest of the crew. In addition we are all dealing with a new computer program that sucks !