What was said in CJNG’s Video Messages to El Marro, leader of CSRL

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

CJNG yesterday sent two additional video messages, these were directed to El Marro supreme leader of CSRL of Guanajuato.

What seems to state the obvious, when the spokesman announces its war against “El Marro”, leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.

The video messages came the morning after a video was supposedly uploaded and sent  by CJNG, in which a showy  demonstration of weapons was released, the new messages, in which CJNG stresses that its war is not against the people or the government, but against “El Marro”:
“People of Guanajuato and the government in general, we turn to you to illuminate that our war is neither with the people nor with the government.
Our war is with the filthy mata-inocentes [killer of innocents] of ‘El Marro’, and we separate ourselves from any event where they have killed innocent people.” 
The hooded spokesman sends a message to José Antonio Yépez Ortiz aka “El Marro”, to warn him that the CJNG has already regained territorial power in Guanajuato.
“If you were to get out, you would realize that all Guanajuato belongs to the CJNG, but since you are in hiding and you only care about yourself, you do not realize what your people are doing.” [This plays into the word rumored for over a month, that most of Marro’s people have jumped to CJNG and Celaya is the last stronghold in question]
Also saying:
“We were not going for your mother, but for “the leeches that you sent to take care of her. And if nothing happened to her, it is because we know how to respect”.
The 2-minute video-message, recounts the crimes in recent months that has terrorized the people of Guanajuato.
In July CJNG distanced themselves from the rehabilitation center massacre in Irapuato that took the lives of over two dozen people.
The war between the two groups has dramatically flared starting in January when CJNG attacked Marro’s sister’s wedding in Celaya, believing “El Marro” would attend.   
Marro’s sister Karem Elizabeth Yépez, was murdered along with her husband to be.
“You are right about something Marro, you are going to be left alone as a dog [in reference to a statement Marro made in one of his ‘llorón’ videos]. 
Have you forgotten about the wedding in Calamardo, Pelavacas? Where  we could have killed everyone,  but as always, we showed respect and we only went for those who support and work with you.”
CJNG warned that it has regained territorial power in Guanajuato and they will conduct several attacks on people who support the leader of Santa Rosa, whom they accuse of extorting merchants from the state and its municipalities.