Villa de Cos, Zacatecas: State Police Disseminate Information About CJNG and Secretary of Security

“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

State Police Disseminate Information from the CJNG infiltrated in the Policía Estatal Preventiva (PEP, Preventive State Police), as well as from the Zacatecas Secretary of Security.

State Police warn that there will be total violence and there will be more ambushes of police of all levels in the state.

After the ambush in which 4 State Police officers were shot. And their patrol was set on fire, where their comrades were burned to death. Several PEPs joined together to disseminate information pertaining to the CJNG and the Secretary of Public Security.

The elements of the PEP indicated that the 7 detainees and 2 allegedly killed after the ambush attack are NOT the intellectual authors who killed their companions. These individuals were set up to take the fall. The young men had weapons planted on them at the crime scene. So were the 2 executed. It was all fabricated to diffuse the situation.

Just so that they could claim the suspects were captured. But that’s not true.  The CJNG convoy that ambushed and killed our comrades remain free. Their convoys consists of 30 to 60 perpetrators.

State Police reported that CJNG was going to confront and stop the mob of Mayo Zambada and CDS. They had challenged them in a video that came out of Morelos and Calera. 50 heavily armed CDS hitmen also challenged them and threatened to dethrone CJNG in Zacatecas.

At the “confrontation” that was going to take place they ran into our police counterparts, ambushed them and set them on fire.

The 7 detainees are not elite hitmen or high-ranking CJNG hitmen who killed and ambushed our policemen. Just as well there are also many CJNG operatives infiltrated and working with corrupt elements.

The following is information that a group of State Police spread on social networks:

“The truth is that you removed the corrupt officials at the service of the cartels: Villa (distinctive godfather), continues to move about within the ranks of the State Police.

Isaías (Luguer), is already enjoying the economic benefits left to him by the blood of the Zacatecans, but my dear Mr. Secretary, guess what? … You had to dismantle his armed wing headed by Madox (the executor). He’s responsible for the civilian deaths and disappearances in Zacatecas.

The sicaria Cataleya, operative and liaison with the Talibanes and CDN, who works for the highest bidders. We all know that they operate in Pinos and they continue to function with impunity as if they owned the terrain.

Cooper (K9), he’s the guy who collects the extortions for Luguer. As well as the enabler of thefts and kidnappings for the Cartel del Noreste and Cartel de Sinaloa.

The following 2 are the infamous ones: Chanok and Tanque: Just like the executioner, they are the armed wing of the Sinaloa cartel, the main generators of violence in Fresnillo. Just yesterday they executed a family. The tally was 6 dead and 4 injured. Among them were minors. Let’s not forget about this.

Another thing that you haven’t been made aware of. Is all the rats that went to hide from your GOPES (Special Forces Group)


  • Águila 
  • Coyote
  • Castellanos
  • Canelo
  • Llanero 
  • Fogar 
  • Pinto 

I recommend you give them an investigation and you will see that you are playing with fire. The last straw was that you removed them from the battlefield. Where 4 Sinaloa narco camps were in plain sight in Villa de Cos.

They didn’t have compassion at all with the citizens affected within that area. They didn’t support their townspeople, who, trusting in them, asked for help without obtaining anything. What a disappointment you are Mr. Secretary. You have turned your back on the citizens of Zacatecas.

The cherry on the cake was how bad you looked delivering to your overbearing friends the direction as Undersecretary.

It would also be good if you ask them what they’re doing so much in Río Grande and Sombrete. Unless of course they’re already in business with the terrorists who call themselves Sinaloans and they haven’t invited you. Such is your lack of investigation.


I’ll help you by giving you the aliases and regions of the terrorists to see if you find something:

  • *Olegario* – Sombrete
  • *Flechaz* – Sombrete
  • *Azteca* – Río Grande 
  • *Los Herrera (Family Members)* Chalchihuites
  • *Caballero*- Fresnillo
  • *Mudo*- Villa de Cos 

Ask the municipal directors of those municipalities. They will give you the exact details.

By the way go ahead and add * Caivil * Director of the Juan Aldama municipality. Because he’s already involved with the Sinaloan’s. Along with his cousin Elite.

Nothing has really changed, Mr. Secretary, or rather if it changed, it’s been for the worse. You have the same criminals working disguised as policemen”.

Source: Seguzac (Zacatecas Zona de Peligro)