Videos:California FBI agents raid offices of Ángel del Villar, former partner of Chiquis Rivera (Del Records)

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This Friday, the FBI executed four search warrants signed by a federal judge to investigate DEL Records and other businesses of Del Villar, who has been a producer for Gerardo Ortiz and Luis Coronel.

The FBI executed four orders signed by a federal judge on Friday and entered the offices of DEL Records, the record company of Ángel del Villar, who is the ex partner of  Chiquis Rivera, dauhgter of the late Jenni Rivera who died in a plane crash in Mexico.
The events occurred at the DEL Records headquarters, located at 6400 Garfield Avenue, in Los Angeles County, California. According to Miguel Luna, FBI special agent, there have been no arrests so far.
Del Villar, who was a partner with Chiquis for  four years, has produced performers such as Régulo Caro, Gerardo Ortiz and Luis Coronel, among others, who signed with DEL Records.
Heavily armed officers entered the company. In addition, it emerged that the police were also in a restaurant of the producer.
There have long been rumors that DEL Records is actually a facade for laundering money that comes from drug trafficking.
What did Ángel del Villar do while the FBI searched his businesses?
While everyone was surprised by the search, the producer shared on social networks that he continued with his daily activities. He even went to eat a hamburger while the searches were taking place.

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