Videos: Caborca Sonora on fire, residents lament, “This isn’t Mexico it’s Afghanistan!”

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Imparcial and Twitter

Videos circulating on social networks show armed groups and shootings allegedly occurred at midnight on Friday, according to El Universal. 
An armed confrontation between criminal gangs, at midnight on Friday, June 19, kept the inhabitants of Caborca under fire; The fire of a gas station, homes, and several cars was registered, according to El Universal.
Residents of this municipality, of around 60 thousand inhabitants, located in the desert 282 kilometers from the capital of Hermosillo, reported up to one hundred vehicles with armed men early on.
Since the afternoon, shootings were noticed on social networks in the rural area of Caborca, and on the coast in the areas of Puerto Libertad and Puerto Lobos, as well as in the vicinity of the neighboring municipality of Pitiquito.
Through videos, a long convoy of armed men were shown that circulated in the opposite direction on Sixth Street and minutes later the violence broke out. Loud sounds were produced by heavy caliber firearms and an explosion. Some videos of a gas station and a truck tract and several burning vehicles were published on social networks. The inhabitants of Caborca requested the intervention of elements of the Mexican Army, the National Guard, the State Police and the Municipal Police, but they did not arrive.
At the moment it is unknown if there are dead or wounded people after the armed confrontation. Official information on these violent acts has not yet been released.

Vehicle fires

Gunfire sounds
One convoy after the clash with “X” marked on the vehicles