Video: La Teniente captured, right arm of CDN leader El Huevo

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Guadalupe Villareal, alias “La Teniente”, the former policewoman is one of the people closest to Juan Gerardo Treviño,” “El Huevo” leader of the Northeast cartel

This morning Guadalupe Villareal, alias “La Teniente”, an alleged leader of the Northeast Cartel was arrested,  after an operation carried out by elements of the Ministry of National Defense and the National Guard, in Tamaulipas.

The 41-year-old ” Lieutenant ” was detained along with her romantic partner, Edna “N”, in the Sandia neighborhood of Nuevo Laredo.

“La Teniente” has an arrest warrant for the crimes of  homicide, criminal association, and crimes committed against public servants; She is indicated as responsible for the informants or hawks, as well as for the bars and nightclubs in the area where they carry out illicit activities such as human trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, torture, and murder.

La Teniente is considered one of the most violent criminals in the area,  she planned and executed armed aggressions against public servants.