US citizen arrested, with more than 32,000 high caliber cartridges, while trying to evade security inspection

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat   Mexican National Guard Website

At the Garita III Mariposa border crossing in Nogales, Sonora, elements of the National Guard in coordination with personnel from the Tax Administration Service (SAT) detain a US citizen in possession of 32,740 heavy-caliber ammo.
The arrest occurred when the driver of a suv crossed the fiscal area at an excessive speed to evade the security filter, and when carrying out various maneuvers he was hit and overturned meters later. The driver was attended immediately and suffered no serious injuries.
Upon conducting an on-site inspection, the National Guardsmen placed various cartridges inside the van and others more scattered on the asphalt.
Once the cartridges were counted and packed, the driver, together with the seized, was turned over to the Attorney General of the Republic in the entity, after reading the suspect his rights and entering their data in the National Detention Registry.