Update on Puerto Vallarta Kidnappings of Off Road Sports Enthusiasts

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: LSR

Joaquín, who was murdered in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco was from Santa Rosa de Lima, Guanajuato

Joaquín, “Solin”, lived his last trip. He tried to escape a kidnapping in Puerto Vallarta, that cost him his life when he was shot and died as a result while receiving medical attention. His friends are missing today. The details of the kidnapping, the motive and the rest of the detainees are still sketchy at best.
Joaquín, who tried to escape a mass kidnapping in Puerto Vallarta was shot in the back and killed, had several registered addresses in Santa Rosa de Lima, Guanajuato. This was reported by the Jalisco Prosecutor Gerardo Solís. 

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However, it was not specified whether the addresses are in Villagrán or León. Joaquín has family members who have a criminal record , according to the Prosecutor’s Office at a press conference.
Unofficially it is said that the victim died at the hands of the members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel , CJNG, although this version has not been confirmed by the authorities.
His full name is Joaquin Miguel Alba Bustamante , they called him ” Solin “. On  July 18, he  was  intercepted by armed men while with a group of friends and they tried to  kidnap them . Joaquín and a  friend  tried to escape on a razer vehicle, but Joaquín  fell, at which point the  assassins shot  him.  
The body was in the middle of the street at the intersection of the  Great Lakes  and  Fluvial Avenue . Joaquín lost his life while receiving  medical attention.
The Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office initiated two investigation folders , indicating that currently there are three missing persons , and that a relative of one of the victims filed a complaint on Monday , July 27 , according to the Prosecutor’s Office, there is already data on this disappeared person. A witness , according to the Correo Newspaper, mentioned that the kidnapped persons were taken to a home and later released. Now there are only three people deprived of their liberty.
“We have two investigation folders in which there are various groups working in the area and with different hypotheses,” said the Jalisco Prosecutor Gerardo Solís.
Joaquín  traveled  with his  friends , according to the  Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, there  were between  13  and  14 men . They did the route known as ” Vallartazo “, on Saturday July 18 the group separated into two. The first group took the road to  Playa Tomates , the second went to the Malecon, said  Jalisco Prosecutor  Gerardo Octavio Solís . The idea of ​​the vacationers was to meet in  Fluvial Vallarta , in that the  criminal group  thwarted  the meeting, as reported here last Saturday, after Authorities sat on the story for a week.
The group of friends enjoyed extreme sport, they did the route known as ” Vallartazo ”, an annual off- roading event.
At the intersection of  Great Lakes  and  River Avenue , armed men arrived  . They tried to kidnap the group completely, but Joaquín and  friend  is  resisted . When he wanted to  escape  on one of the  “razers”,  a special ATV, Joaquín  fell , was hit by the  assassins , who then shot him .
“They say that they are blocked by some vehicles, there is chaos there, they begin to try to flee, there are a series of shots, one person is injured on the spot, other people manage to flee, some standing on the ground, others in the vehicle later, various authorities arrive, the Municipal Police and the Public Ministry, the wounded person sadly dies in the hospital and various vehicles were insured, ” said the Jalisco State Prosecutor.
The fun ended in a fatal story. At the scene, several vehicles were found, an abandoned Pick-Up truck  marked by  bullets , as well as two  razer ATVs , and a  silver-colored Yaris vehicle  with Jalisco license plates. There was also a white double-cab pickup truck with bullet holes, according to 
the Evening News.
His friends  remembered him as a lover of the extreme sport.
Lover of the extreme and excellent friend , this is how his friends remember him. In the photos of his last trip he wore a scarf and the protective equipment that characterizes those who drive Razers , vehicles for driving off-road.
Joaquín was a young and risky man. His bravery led him to escape , he tried to survive at all times, but did not resist. On Tuesday, July 21, Evening News titled: “They kill a businessman from León in Vallarta “. At that time, the kidnapping of the most of the youths was unknown.
Why the kidnapping remains the question.
Joaquín traveled with his friends , according to the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, there were between 13 and 14 men . They took the route known as “Vallartazo “, last Saturday the group separated into two. The first group took the road to Playa Tomates, the second went to the Puerto Vallarta Malecon, the Jalisco Prosecutor Gerardo Octavio Solís reported. The idea of ​​the vacationers was to meet in Fluvial Vallarta , however, the intervention of  the criminal group thwarted the meeting.
The whereabouts of the other young people are still unknown, the Guanajuato and Jalisco Prosecutors have no complaints of disappearance , as prosecutor Octavio Solís reported at a press conference yesterday.
The group of friends split in two last Saturday, they planned to meet in Fluvial Vallarta , at that time the kidnappers intercepted them. The extreme sport and adventure were their allies, they are now missing and ” Solin ” dead .