Totoaba Bladder Siezure at Mazatlan Bus Depot Plus More Despicable Transport Attempts

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: ElDebate / Excelsior

Mazatlán, Sinaloa: Elements of the National Guard secured 127 dehydrated pieces of Totoaba bladders when they were on an inspection tour at the Central de Autobuses/ The Central Bus Station. 
With a canine pair, ie contraband sniffing dogs, an abandoned box was located in the bus station and after making a more exhaustive review, it was recognized that the endangered species was found inside, which is considered as an aphrodisiac and a medicinal in Asia, particularly China, it comes to the market more expensive than cocaine; thus the name: “Cocaine of the Sea”.
In Asian countries, the kilogram of totoaba bladder ranges between 468 euros and 1,871, and when resold on the black market, its value reaches 56,160 euros, as reported by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa).  (aprox $62,000 US dollars)

This species has been considered a permanent closure since 1975 and a year later it was included in the list of threatened and endangered species in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

The National Guard carries out frequent work to eradicate the trafficking and possession of specimens of wildlife, which constitute crimes against biodiversity. The Totoaba bladders have been harvested illegally for years in the Upper Golf of California and trafficked to Asia, putting in real jeopardy of extinction the  
Meanwhile in Tijuana, BC:
Tijuana: Elements of the National Guard detained two people, one of them a minor who was carrying around One Kilo 900 grams of apparent / suspected fentanyl strapped to their bodies.
On a commercial flight from Culiacán, two passengers arrived at the Tijuana International Airport, Baja California, where they were detained in the baggage claim area when they attempted to evade inspection by the security elements.
The national guards carried out the security inspection and found that they carried five wrappers with multiple tablets, with the characteristics of fentanyl, at waist and chest height.
In a statement, the National Guard stated that: “For the above, the Book of Rights Assisting Persons in Detention was read to both persons, the National Detention Registry was filled out and, together with what was confiscated, they were made available of the Federal Public Ministry, who will determine the legal situation as well as confirm the type of the secured substance. “
In addition, they indicated that one of the passengers was a minor and the corresponding ministerial authority will protect him in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.
Mexican City Bus Passenger Caught with18 kilos of drugs in Edomex:
The man identified as Alberto “N”, 53, was traveling as a passenger aboard a public transportation unit on Route 85.
Agents of the Attorney General’s Office (FGJEM), the Secretariat of Security of the State of Mexico (SS) and the Municipal Police, carried out the arrest of Alberto “N”, 53 years old, who had in his bag 18 kilograms of marijuana.
Elements of the three police corporations carried out an operation to combat the commission of criminal acts such as theft of public transport, so that on the side of the Mexico-Puebla highway, in the Avándaro neighborhood, in the municipality of Valle de Chalco, they marked the halt to the driver of a public transport vehicle of the Mercedes Benz brand, on route 85 that runs from the municipality of Ozumba to the Candelaria metro station.
When conducting a review of this automotive unit, among the passengers was Alberto “N” who had in his possession a bag with 18 packages of one kilogram of marijuana each, for which he was immediately arrested.
This subject was transferred to the Justice Center of the area where the respective investigation folder for crimes against health was initiated and was then forwarded to the Agent of the Public Ministry of federal jurisdiction, based in Chalco, who will determine his legal situation.