Too Much Cross Information of the Conflict to Take Control of Sonora

By Buggs for Borderland Beat

I have a source that told me something very different from the problem between El Gigio that is supposedly fighting against El Noveno. I present you these 14 points to consider to make some sense of the conflict taking place in the northern part of Sonora.

  1. According to my information, the reason for this fight that has been seen in Sonora is that it started when El JJ who is a collaborator of El Gigio was executed and the person responsible was El 5 who is people of Alfredo Salazar aligned with Los Chapitos.
  2. Except my source says that El JJ was actually executed by people of Caro Quintero in retaliation for the death of a collaborator of Caro Quintero at the hands of El JJ.
  3.  In my opinion, I see more a possibility of the first point especially after the narco-message that was found on top of JJ’s body that said: “The cleaning of rats of JJ has begun,” I see this more as a threat, not just a settling of scores.
  4. After the death of El JJ, a large convoy was seen patrolling the city of Magdalena, but witnesses report that that same night the same convoy was seen at the outskirts of Nogales, they say that they were about to attack the city but someone from the hierarchy stopped the attack.
  5. The source tells me that Nogales will not be part of these confrontations because there would be an increase in violence in the city.
  6. Apparently the source tells me that El Cazador/El Noveno was going to be the boss of the plaza of Nogales for Los Chapitos but it did not happened because there was already a bad relationship with the operator of Mayo Zambada in the city.
  7. For this reason, El 5 was presented as the boss of the plaza for Los Chapitos.
  8. My source tells me that El 5 paid El Gigio “pago de piso”a fee to operate because he has been a person in the city for a long time within the command of Nogales.
  9. It is said that El 5 is not at war against El Gigio. This seems strange to me since El Cazador/El Noveno are people of Alfredo Salazar. I wonder why Alfredo Salazar does not give a hand to El 5 to unite against El Gigio.
  10. I do not think it’s a war of their own free will, this is due to an order from the leaders of this group.
  11. The people of El Gigio are trying to remove El Cazador/El Noveno from the plazas of Magdalena and Santa Ana, this is a strategic in the attack because it takes place in the middle of territories that are being fought by these groups.
  12. The source tells me that soon there will be a fight for Altar, the home base of El Cazador/El Noveno.
  13. This is the result of the war that is lived in Sinaloa between Los Chapitos and Mayo Zambada.
  14. If I return to point two where people Caro Quintero ordered the head of El JJ, then is fair to say that the people of Caro Quintero are in alliance with Los Chapitos, but there is a fact that contradicts this point. After the shootout in Cibuta near Nogales where they tried to execute El 5, it is said they the ones responsible were the people of Caro Quintero in alliance with Los Paez.

I think there is a lot of cross information from a lot of people who could be spreading a lot of misinformation, that makes it very hard to post more information of the conflict that is taking place in the northern region of Sonora. Please feel free to chime in if you have a perspective or credible knowledge.