The story of theTwins who double-crossed El Chapo, plus full testimony of Pedro on audio

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  YT audio from Crowned TV Courts

Only one of the Flores twins, the twins who betrayed El Chapo, took the stand in the trial against Chapo Guzman, that was Pedro Flores.
Once almost hailed as heroes by the U.S. government and the court for the extensive information forwarded by the twins, now the government is changing their tune saying the twins were deceptive holding back information, especially where their assets are hidden.
Back story: To Pedro Flores, the two men who pulled him over had looked like cops.
But moments later, face down in the back of a windowless van, his hands and feet zip-tied, Flores realized he’d been duped.
At 22, he had been quietly working with his twin brother, Margarito, to create the most successful drug-dealing partnership in Chicago’s history.
Now, hog-tied, his diamond-studded cellphone out of reach, Flores was powerless.
Image of the young twins
All he could do was whisper a prayer.
“Don’t worry,” one of his captors told him. “Once we get the money, we’re going to cut you loose.”
The Flores twins would come to believe a man they thought was their friend, Saul Rodriguez, was behind the kidnapping. They had known Rodriguez for a few years, and at the time of the kidnapping, as Pedro Flores rode to his uncertain fate, they had plans to go with Rodriguez to Las Vegas to see a welterweight title match. Rodriguez arranged the tickets.
The twins and Rodriguez were all big-time drug dealers, but the similarities ended there.
Margarito Flores Sr.
While the twins were loath to resort to violence, Rodriguez reveled in it, according to a Sun-Times review of court records and interviews with law enforcement and underworld figures.
At the time, the kidnapping in September 2003 might have seemed like Rodriguez’s knockout blow to the twins.
But 11 years after Pedro Flores was snatched from an alley behind his family’s Southwest Side home, he and his brother appear to have been playing a longer, smarter game: rope-a-dope.
On Friday when Rodriguez faces sentencing in Chicago for a career of killings, home invasions and drug trafficking, a federal judge will pass final judgment on the twins’ and Rodriguez’s contrasting routes to the top of Chicago’s underworld. [read fullarticle here]
Below is a 13-part YouTube video series that presents the testimony of Pedro Flores during the New York City trial of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.  The audio-videos are from Crowned TV Courts. 

1.  Pedro takes the stand

2.  On the Run

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3.  Running into trouble

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4. Surviving an “incident”

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