The remains of 4 Nurses abducted in 2018 discovered in a mine shaft

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY Gus

Yesterday morning, the remains of the nurses of Jiménez, Chihuahua; Sigrid, Mayra, Oswaldo, and Merari were discovered. 
A little more than two years ago they were abducted in the city of Parral.
A month ago, while on surveillance that authorities conducted in the municipality of Matamoros human remains were found. Some reports indicate the bodies had been  thrown into a mine shaft in Villa Matamoros.
Attorney General Cesar Peniche confirmed the identification of the bodies.
The bodies were located near the dam and were immediately suspected of being the 4 people identified as the missing nurses.
In May 2018, four nurses disappeared in a home in the Kennedy neighborhood.
The nurses were recent graduates of the nursing degree when they were abducted by an armed command.
The victims are from the municipality of Jiménez, however, they lived in a house in Parral since they were doing their social service at the Gyneco Obstetrics hospital.
There are three detained for this disappearance, two municipal police and “La Pammy”, who is accused of being a human trafficker among ministerial agents.