The five most violent cities in the world are….. in Mexico

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Tijuana (Baja California), Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua), Uruapan (Michoacán), Irapuato (Guanajuato) and Ciudad Obregón (Sonora)
Guanajuato last week

In 2019, Mexico registered a historical number of murders: 35,620 between intentional homicides and feminicides, according to official statistics. But, in addition, five cities in the country were ranked among the most violent in the world, according to a measurement on the matter prepared by a civil organization.
The Citizen Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice, also known as Security, Justice and Peace, presented on Monday the results of its 2019 ranking , in which it evaluated the incidence in 50 cities around the world.
This study did not include cities in countries that have war conflicts such as Syria, Afghanistan, Sudan or Yemen, since their deaths do not correspond to the universally accepted definition of homicide, but to those caused by war operations (according to the classification of the World Health Organization).
The ranking shows that Latin American cities are the ones that register the most murders, but, with five cities at the top, Mexico is the “world epicenter of violence”.
These are Tijuana (Baja California), Ciudad Juárez (Chihuahua), Uruapan (Michoacán), Irapuato (Guanajuato) and Ciudad Obregón (Sonora), which occupy the first five places on the list.
However, they are not the only ones: 14 other Mexican cities appear on the list.
Why are they the most violent cities in the world?
The organization evaluated the murders committed in 2019 and the incidence rate with respect to the number of inhabitants of each city.
These are the results of the first 10 places in the ranking:
  1.  Tijuana: a rate of 134.24 murders per 100,000 inhabitants (it has more than 1.7 million).
  2. Ciudad Juárez: rate of 104.54 (it has 1.4 million inhabitants).
  3. Uruapan:  rate of 85.54 (it has little more than 351,000 inhabitants).
  4. Irapuato:  rate of 80.74 (it has more than 895,000 inhabitants).
  5. Ciudad Obregón: 281 homicides, rate of 80.72 (with 348,000 inhabitants).
  6. Caracas (Venezuela): 2,134 murders, rate of 74.64 (it has more than 2.8 million inhabitants).
  7. Acapulco (Guerrero): 600 homicides, rate of 71.61 (with more than 837,000 inhabitants).
  8. Cape Town (South Africa): rate 68.28 (with 4.4 million inhabitants).
  9. St. Louis (EU): rate of 64.54 (with more than 300,500 inhabitants).
  10. Vitória da Conquista (Brazil): rate 60.01 (has more than 340,000 inhabitants).
Other findings
According to Security, Justice and Peace, this is the third consecutive year in which a Mexican city is the most violent in the world. And for two years, that position has been occupied by Tijuana.
In the 2019 edition, Mexico became the country with the largest number of violent cities (in total there are 19); Only in 2016 Brazil was the “epicenter of world violence”.
In addition, in 2019, the cities of Tepic (Nayarit) and Coatzacoalcos (Veracruz) managed to decrease their incidence, so they do not appear in the ranking, but Cuernavaca (Morelos), Guadalajara (Jalisco), León (Guanajuato) entered instead. , Morelia (Michoacán) and Zacatecas (Zacatecas).
STATES: Violence changes; Tamaulipas the only entity to leave the ranking
In three years Guanajuato went from number eight to the first, because of the number of intentional homicides registered; Tamaulipas came out of the ranking of the 15 most insecure states in that same period.
In 2019, the states with the most intentional homicides are:
Baja California
Estado de México
Mexico City
Nuevo León
and Sinaloa
These entities concentrate 19,905 intentional murders; that is, 81% of the 24,484 reported in the first 10 months of 2019 .