TaxcoGuerrero: State police ambushed ; at least 8 dead, 3 severally wounded, 2 “taken” including a female officer

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LFM responsible of the 8 police torture and killings, also of 2 priests, 3 state police and red cross volunteer, and paramedics 
According to police sources, Roberto Carlos, Z or El Pelón, is the son of José Ranulfo Zagal Maldonado, El Rani or R1, identified by the authorities as head of the plaza for La Familia Michoacana, who are also attributed to the execution of priests Germaín Muñiz García and Iván Añorve Jaimes, which occurred on February 5, 2018. Also for the attack in the community of San Juan Tenería on November 18, 2018, where they executed three State police and a Red Cross volunteer, and injured nine other people, including paramedics and residents.
An ambush to state police occurred at noon this Sunday in the vicinity of the El Gavilán community, in this municipality, with unofficial balance of at least eight  dead and several wounded.
These events were recorded on the Taxco-Amacuzac highway, between the community of Taxco el Viejo and Pilcaya, in the northern part of the state.
Motorists who crossed into the area reported the event before it was heavily guarded by elements of the federal, state and ministerial police, reinforced by the National Guard and the Mexican Army.

Warning: Graphic images below-some officers taken and tortured
So far, it is known that several state police officers were injured, so the presence of ambulances was requested, which took them to the “Adolfo Prieto” General Hospital in the city of Taxco de Alarcón.

Unofficial sources report that, after the ambush, the state repelled the attack, killing several civilians.
Until now, the final balance of these events is unknown, although unofficial sources indicate that there were at least five uniformed dead and two missing, including a woman.