Santa Ana Police Commander Executed

 By Buggs for Borderland Beat

On July 30, 2020 a group of sicarios ambushed and killed the Santa Ana state police commander, Daniel Hernández.

The incident happened at Estacion Llano, a place located between Santa Ana and Benjamin Hill.

It is reported that the commander, due to the violent acts registered in that area in recent days, was conducting an air patrol aboard the state police helicopter, when he descended in Estacion Llano, they were attacked with gunfire and the commander was subsequently killed.

This attack has already been attributed to the group that operates in that region and was carried out by the armed group commanded by the “El Soldado” and another man known as “Cirilo” who are the sicario bosses of Leonardo López “El 20” of Nogales and Felipe de Jesus Sosa Canizalez “El Yiyo”.

They were also supported by another man who’s nicknamed is “El Coyotito,” this is the same man who is suspected of robbing several families of their vehicles on the international highway, a section in Benjamin Hill, Santa Ana.

At this time, a strong operation is being carried out by the three levels of government, in search for the attackers.

Recently, the Sonora state police were rated as one of the best prepared and effective police departments in the country, so they are expected to provide good results and arrest the culprits, in honor of their fallen officer in the line of duty.