Ruben Oseguera Cervantes “sends” another message to the CJNG troops

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Translated video narrative allegedly from Menchito

evening my people, you already know who this is. So, there’s no need to
introduce myself to send out this communication.

words are to let my people know about Aguaje (El Aguaje, Michoacán) and how
things are. We condemn the actions of the Ratas Unidas (United Rats, ie,
Carteles Unidos). They left the citizens without livestock, without groceries.
They stripped the inhabitants of Aguaje of clothes, furniture and many other
goods. That is why we fight, to eradicate this cancer from my beloved people.

all the Aguaceos who are supporting the Carteles Unidos: Los July’s, Las
Chopas, Toño Alcantar, Bofo, Wicho Paredes, the sons of Chango Méndez, and
Calyn. We have everyone one of you guys located. And sooner or later we’re
going to fucking destroy you.

the way I did so with Metrio and the sons of Robin Serafin. I know that Julie
resides in Riverside (Riverside, California) and that her brother lives in
Seattle (Seattle, Washington). Toñarez has a taco shop there in Riverside. And
I know all about his movements. Don’t forget that in California I fucked up the
son of that traitor Robin.

same fate will befall every one of you. If you keep supporting the Ratas Unidas, who are destroying the very town that you were born into. And saw your growth.
That thief Calin is in Culiacán.

And Bofo Paredes has the State of Mexico trembling under the weight of his extortions. Toñares, I killed your brother Leandro because he was trying to pass off his sicarios as lemon workers. The same ones who his compadre Burro from Punta de Agua sent. (Punta de Agua, Jalisco) 

As for Julys and Las Chopas. Don’t play dumb asses. We kicked you out of town because La Chopa was spending his time with El Gordo speeding through town. And making side deals in Catalinas (Catalinas, Michoacán). So, don’t bother saying there wasn’t a motive for what transpired.

And as for Robin Serafin. Everyone knows that he set me and my brother-in-law’s up in the Palenque of Tonalá (Tonalá, Jalisco). I was attacked with grenades. And because of this, I was unable to fly out to Aquaje.

or later I will end up killing you. Because I unleashed a war on you some time
back. Calin you dumb ass. We were kind enough to respect your family members.
But there you are manipulating that moron Ajuate so that he can come to fight
against us.

want everyone to know that Aguaje is also my hometown. I was raised here. And
just as well have spent many years here also. For this very reason, I will
defend this town against the Ratas Unidas and the rest of you. This town will
not be taken from me.

to the citizens of Aguaje to be informed of what all has been done here. You
guys were sending money and support to the Carteles Unidos. While they were
stealing and destroying the very town that you were supposed to save.

don’t deny my acts. And I accept my errors. I’ve had losses. But they’re at a
minimum compared to yours. So, don’t bother playing stupid with me. Here
recently I’ve destroyed many of you guys along with your narco monster trucks.
You’re not going to take Aguaje from me. It doesn’t matter that the Michoacán
Police or the troops support you guys.

all of my supporters I want you guys not to lose patience. We know that many of
you have had to migrate to other cities. I assure you that soon enough you will
all return to your rightful towns.

ask that you renounce the criminal acts and dispossessions committed by the
Carteles Unidos and the troops. I’ll take care of the rest. Soon enough I’ll
return the peace here. As well as the goods that were taken and stolen from you
by the Ratas Unidas. I’ll also return to
you a little extra more.

all my followers I send you my greetings. And acknowledgment for fighting with
bravery and fierceness for our towns.

as the saying goes: We are moving forward like the aircraft of the world.  We don’t have to back up to take flight.

this heartfelt greeting from your friend find you wherever you are.  ROC—

by Sol Prendido for Borderland Beat!