Nini vs Ruso: Radio narrative says Negro Azabache is alive and joined Los Chapitos

Gus for Borderland Beat  TY  Hombre de Overol

In a Radiofrequency narrative, allegedly it states that Los Chapitos didn’t kill Negro Azabache.  

The information in the radio conversation is that he has left Rusos and joined Chapitos.

Azabache sends a message out that if anyone wishes to do likewise and wants to join Los Chapitos, they are welcomed but if they don’t…. they will die with Ruso. 

Additionally, they say that Ruso no longer has any backing.

Allegedly, it is Azabache heard speaking on the recording.
From HDO:  “Here is another audio of Los Chapitos sending a message to Rusos men that they abducted and have Negro Azabache. 

 They allowed him to communicate himself where he says he was given a second chance.”

(image at left was emailed to me on June 25th.  Below   purportedly is El Nini…)

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