Nava Coahuila: Firefighter injured and Police officer killed at “Covid19” wellness stop, suspect CDN

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat   Zocalo

In Nava, several Covid filters are installed where normally a municipal patrol, and an  ambulance is present and during the night a police officer and firefighter stay on duty, in at least three points of the city, where they take the temperature of those who drive through those roads.
The incident occurred around 1:00 a.m. when several subjects aboard a pickup truck arrived at the Covid wellness checkpoint, located in front of the Nava Sports Unit and at the time they were going to take their temperature, they fired at the officer and the firefighter in charge of the filter.
CDN (Zetas) have long controlled the Nava (5 springs) region.
Luis Coronado killed in the attack

Given the facts, the State Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reports:

1.- Today at 12:50 am, in the preventive filter located on Ramón Cerda Boulevard, at the height of the Sports Unit, in this municipal seat, a gray old model Suburban-type vehicle of arrived, circulating from west to east.
2.- Four people with firearms were traveling in the vehicle, who from the inside began to shoot at an element of the Municipal Police and at a Firemen who were at the stop.
3.- After the attack, the vehicle returned and headed towards the Municipality of Morelos, on Boulevard Leónides Guadarrama.
4.- After the call for help, elements of Public Security, Firefighters and aid arrived at the place, where they gave medical attention to the Firefighter and the police officer was found without vital signs.
5.- The Security and Armed Forces corporations maintain an operation to track and capture those responsible both on roads and in gaps in the region.