My woes…


ok people….the facts are:

I will get my new computer
today.  For a week I have worked on my
new phone  Yes a new phone,  a new computer AND a new blogger formatting.  Plus no Yaqui because of fires and I think MX
is traveling.  so it has been rough.

The new blogger format is in effect
and no option to revert.  It is ok on
creating posts, EXCEPT it will not accept twitter vids so I am checking into

Meanwhile, if I can’t post a video I will include it in the source a hyperlink that will take you directly to the video or create a separate one
that will do likewise.

The worse is moderating, it is at
least 5X slower than the old version.  I
anticipate it will get better, but for now, it is a lot of work and time consuming to work
it, so I have had to choose between moderating comments or posting.