Morelos, Mexico: El Señorón Warns All Thieves, Kidnappers, Extortionists, and Rapists

A video is circulating on social media networks where they interrogate two subjects who apparently are the two who were kidnapped yesterday in Jiutepec and today were discovered in black plastic bags on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway.
The video shows heavily armed individuals in tactical uniforms questioning the two young men who were engaged in the robbery of vehicles, motorcycles and self-service stores.
The criminal leader known as El Señoron warns those individuals who love things that don’t belong to them that he’s now coming after them along with extortionists and rapists.
They leave 2 bags in the Paso Express of Cuernavaca
This morning two bagged bodies were found at the Paso Express highway.
The events occurred around 10:30 am, when it was reported that on the Mexico – Acapulco highway, kilometer 85, at the height of the Colonia Paraíso, from south to north, strangers left two bodies inside 2 black bags tied with a white ribbon, one was wearing denim pants the other green pants.
Criminologists and policemen went to the crime scene to remove the bodies. No threatening message was found.
They were kidnapped in Jiutepec
The young people who were kidnapped last night in Jiutepec would be the same ones whose bodies appeared today in black plastic bags in the Paso Express Cuernavaca highway.
Likewise, through a video broadcast on social media networks, they are seen being questioned by an armed group, where they confess to being the authors of robberies in that municipality.
According to the material released, unknown persons question two young men, one wearing a green shirt and the other wearing a white shirt.
One of them said to be Reynaldo “N”, 18 years old, who claimed to be the author of “robbery of cars, motorcycles and self-service stores”.
The other young man, a minor, also confessed that he did the same.
Last night, the youths were kidnapped by armed men who forced them into a car in Jiutepec.
The events occurred around 8:50 p.m.
The abduction occurred on Paseo Blanco Street, behind the city’s Fire Station and a gas station, in the Puente Blanco neighborhood of CIVAC.
Witnesses say that armed men forcibly loaded them into a white Jetta vehicle without license plates and fled in the direction of Cuernavaca
Relatives began broadcasting on social media networks to locate their whereabouts.
NOTE: We recommend to our readers that sensitive people not watch the video since they show strong graphic images..
Video translation is as follows:
This is a message for all the thieves out of Jiutepec, Temixco, and Emiliano Zapata. Take your asses to work. Otherwise, for every thief that we catch we will kill. We don’t want any robberies, kidnappings, extortionists, or rapists. We’re fucking fed up that you’re harming our society. If you want to be fucking up come try us. And we will gladly take care of you. We are young individuals with old school morals. Sincerely, El Señorón
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