Missing AIC Commander Found Buried in Michoacán

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Missing FGR commander in an underground grave; he was deprived of his freedom in Michoacán.

The bodies of Manuel de Jesús Fierro Carlón, commander of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) of the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) and two other people, were found in a clandestine grave in Morelia, Michoacán.
Fierro Carlón had been missing since last December 10, when he was on his way from the municipality of Apatzingán to the capital of Michoacán, to carry out an errand, but he was no longer located and only the official van in which he was being transported was found.
According to reports, Commander Fierro was investigating criminal groups in the Tierra Caliente region, possibly annoying one of the criminal leaders.
On December 17, a week after the disappearance of the AIC commander, Teresa Fierro Carlón, asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for support in locating her 52-year-old brother.
In a video that was broadcast through various social networks, the commander’s sister also asked for the support of the prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero. In addition, Teresa asked those who deprived him of his liberty to have “mercy and return him safe and sound.”
The Attorney General of the State of Michoacán reported that on July 16, with the support of the Canine Unit K9, the site where the human remains of three people were buried, one of them corresponding to the commander, was located. The bodies were buried in a grave in the town of Las Jarillas, belonging to Jesús del Monte’s area.
The other two human remains correspond to the brothers César and Víctor CC, originally from Sonora, who also disappeared on December 10 in Morelia, who had moved to that municipality to attend to personal matters.
“… It was possible to locate a point where the human remains of three people were buried, who were transferred to the Expert Services area to carry out the legal investigations, obtaining the positive result of the comparative genetic profile related to the identification of the brothers César and Víctor CC, as well as the public servant of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, assigned to the subsection in Apatzingán, Manuel de Jesús F Carlón, whose disappearance was reported to the Special Prosecutor’s Office on July 14. ” , the Prosecutor’s Office reported through a Tweet.
Fierro Carlón had 27 years of service as an FGR agent. He had been assigned for four years in Apatzingán, Michoacán, and previously worked in states such as Sonora, Sinaloa, Jalisco and Puebla.