Miguel Trevino Morales aka Z40 transferred to Hermosillo federal prison because of “flight risk”

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  TY Gus  Oimnia

Identified as a “flight risk” they transfered Miguel Ángel Treviño, “El Z-40”, imprisoned supreme leader of Los Zetas
The transfer to the Centro Federal de Readaptación Social número 11, in Hermosillo Sonora,  occurred after the appearance of a video in which hooded and armed men warned of a plan for the drug trafficker to escape from the Almoloya prison.
According to court reports – in possession of the Proceso- the transfer  of “El Z-40” was registered on Monday, June 8, the day on which his lawyer presented an amparo trial, after going to the prison of State of Mexico and not finding his client.
The defense argued before the First District Court of Amparo in Criminal Matters of Mexico City that the leader of Los Zetas had suffered an “forced disappearance” and demanded to locate him.
Authorities responded to the demand and notified him that the inmate had been transferred to Cereso 11, which is located in the capital of Sonora.
Before his transfer, Treviño Morales had presented various appeals for the prison authorities to carry out the coronavirus test, after he had symptoms similar to those caused by the disease.
He was granted and administered the test, the results were not made public.
In parallel, Omar Treviño, “El Z-42”, brother of “El Z-40”, filed an amparo trial to try to prevent his transfer from Cefereso 3 Occidente to another federal prison.
Miguel Ángel and Omar Treviño Morales are considered highly dangerous inmates, so it is suggested that they be transferred to different  prisons.