Michoacan: New videos with Carteles Unidos Viagras saying they are “cleaning” Aguaje of CJNG

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat  LaVoz

El Aguaje, Michoacán. A couple of videos are circulating on social networks of alleged members of Carteles Unidos de los Viagras and Tepalcatepec, who are “cleaning up” opposing groups in the community of El Aguaje, Michoacán.
In the videos, recorded during the morning and this Saturday morning, armed men, mostly young men, are observed in the streets of the community and they are heard saying that “here we walk at dawn cleaning the entire area of ​​El Aguaje”.
In a second video, they are seen on top of an armored truck on one of the entrances to El Aguaje and they send a message to the leader of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG): “Here we are, the Viagras, look how we walk…. Not like El Mencho…”
War between cartels displaces entire families in El Aguaje; they leave everything and flee for their lives.
The shootings have been constant in places like El Aguaje, which has forced many families to seek asylum in cities like Apatzingán.