Michoacán: narco-blockades and confrontations shake the municipality of Aguililla-Video

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Narco blockades are registered on the Buenavista – Aguililla highway, heading to the ranch El Limoncito and El Aguaje
The narco has put Mexico in check again. This time it has been in Michoacán, one of the most violent states in the country.
In an offensive unleashed allegedly by conflicts between antagonistic groups of the entity, a command wreaked havoc on the Buenavista-Aguililla highway, heading to the ranch El Limoncito and El Aguaje.
The Mexican Army, the National Guard and preventive police arrived in the area.
The events have surprised the residents of the area, who denounced what happened through social networks.
The offensive brought to mind the fierce days of narco warring in the past.
Now in the municipality of Aguililla, located in Tierra Caliente de Michoacán,  has again become the scene of a fierce fighting,  this time  between the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel and the Nueva Familia Michoacana.
In the last two months, hitmen from the Michoacán, cartel has published videos on social networks showing the arch that welcomes the community of “El Aguaje”, located in Aguililla.
“They go to provoke them, as we say here we are inside and use that arc, that arc of Welcome to Aguaje, Welcome to Aguaje. It seems that a town becomes a bastion of an armed group, and the other armed group has to enter to demonstrate that it is present, that it has power and that it can deliver an accurate blow, ”said Gilberto Vergara, the priest from Aguililla.
The first video in the welcome arch was published on November 29. It features armed men, some in tactical clothing.
“They put together shootings, paint pictures and so on, to tell the Jalisco New Generation that they are already present, it is a way to intimidate them, like marking territory,” said Vergara.
The second recording dates back to December 22. “That arch represents how to get into the territory. How does it affect us? Well, because it is the path that we have to travel, then it shows how the path is to be able to go to Apatzingán, ”he pointed out.
At different points on the Apatzingan-Aguililla highway, there are charred vehicles, bullet-ridden signs, and bullet casings. Mainly in the Puente de Fierro, where criminal groups have set fire to trucks, abandoned bodies, and painted posts, signs, businesses, and walls with the initials of their organizations.
Last week, local media denounced a series of narco-blocks and confrontations in Tierra Caliente.
According to local information, the acts of violence stemmed from the dispute between hitmen from the La Huacana cartels and the Nueva Familia Michoacana, the latter with its armed wing of Los Viagras.