Mexico City: Like the CJNG, La Unión Tepito Also Employs Children

“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Mexico City’s La Union Tepito gang now uses children for their criminal activities

During the weekend, a 16-year-old young man, identified as Dayron Alejandro, an alleged member of La Unión Tepito, was shot and killed … He is not the only one, La Unión Tepito already employs children and they kill them.

According to the information, Dayron was 16 years old and threatened by his enemies, this Saturday they carried out their threats and killed him. Dayron is not alone.

El Dither

Dither Yareth Martínez, 18 years old, has been a member of La Unión Tepito for several years, he started when he was still a child and thus climbed the organization’s chart.

El Huguito

Víctor Hugo Ávila Ramírez, alias El Huguito, is one of the most wanted criminals in Mexico City. He started in the group since he was a minor.

El Irving

Irving Jonathan Herrera Sánchez alias El Irving from La Unión was arrested on August 11 in the Santa María la Rivera neighborhood; who also belongs to the group since he was a child.

El Alexis

Alexis Martinez Martínez alias El Alexis, joined the group before he was 18 years old, he climbed as a debit card counterfeiter, until a few days ago he was killed, as reported by Borderland Beat.

Mazahua children

After the terrible murder of Héctor Efraín and Alan Yahir, rumors spread that they had connections with members of La Unión Tepito and La Fuerza Anti-Unión with whom they dispute control of extortion and drug sales in the Historic Center.


A 17-year-old minor was attacked with gunfire on July 2020, in the streets of Jesús Carranza and Mariano Matamoros, in Tepito. He was from La Unión and lost his life.

Sharbel Michel, Kanon Cruz and Luis Sanabria

A few months ago, three young men were detained after they shot at policemen in the Venustiano Carranza neighborhood, it was said they belong to La Unión.

Why Children?

The Union recruits and hires children for 5,000 pesos. According to the information, in the Tepito neighborhood, there are minors who serve as guards for the criminal group La Unión.

They are paid up to 5,000 pesos to take photos and report on the movements of people and police.

The children are recruited as lookouts and the “bosses” send them to watch key points in the area to control.

The mission of the children is to pretend that they’re playing with their cell phones. They take photos of people who aren’t locals as well as vehicles and their license plates.

Source: Letra Roja