Mencho’s CJNG ‘Grupo Elite’ Exhibits tactical power on video

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

See what Mexico’s Secretary of Security says about the video at the bottom
‘Pura Gente del Señor Mencho’
Loba Indomable posted this video on her twitter page, depicting CJNG in showy footage exhibiting its tactical power. In the video uniformed members of CJNG’s “Grupo Elite” shout “Pura Gente del  Señor Mencho”.
Wearing camouflage and tactical vests which display the “CJNG” acronym of Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, “Mencho’s army” stands aside camouflage armored vehicles, including a narco-tank, while shooting weapons in the air.
A drone records the action, along with the weaponry on a display of Barret rifles, grenade launchers, long and short weapons as well as military equipment.
DEA refers to the group as “One of the fastest-growing transnational criminal organizations in Mexico, and it is among the most prolific methamphetamine producers in the world.”

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Alfonzo Durazo says “The propaganda video attributed to a criminal gang is being analyzed in order to confirm its authenticity and temporality.”
Better comments are those of  outraged people of Mexico responding to the absurdity of the secretary.