Mass Kidnapping in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

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About 20 people from Guanajuato were deprived of their liberty by armed men last weekend in Puerto Vallarta, when they were on an adventure trip in all-terrain vehicles through the Western Sierra of Jalisco, The young people were originally from León, Guanajuato. 
This happened from 5 to 7 days ago depending on reporting, authorities sat on the news, the number of actual persons kidnapped is from 10 to 20 and the news is obviously being heavily controlled from mainstream media. Perhaps there is something out there on social media. Most versions are reporting 
the perpetrators were CJNG.
Another version indicates that those who intercepted them are part of a group linked to the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel , which is led by “El Marro”.
As is known, every year groups of bikers and fans of ATVs organize themselves in different parts of the central area of ​​the country to come in caravans to Puerto Vallarta. They come from regions of the industrious Bajío area and leave Guadalajara along the Sierra route.
The vacationers were on the ride known as “Vallartazo”, they were driving RZR type ATVs when they were surprised by criminals, according to local media and sources from the Reforma newspaper.

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The events occurred during the journey of the trip known as “Vallartazo”, which begins in Guadalajara, passes through Ameca, Talpa de Allende, Guachinango, Mascota and San Sebastián del Oeste and reaches Puerto Vallarta. It was Saturday, July 18, when they were caught as they were arriving at the tourist port. Most versions 
As they passed through these towns, alleged members of the CJNG located the travelers and they hunted them until they were caught in the streets of Fluvial in Puerto Vallarta  last Saturday where the event route ends.
The municipal authorities and investigative agencies concealed the details of the information that, however, this Saturday have been revealed by various media .
Last Saturday , July18 this was the only news released of the events , ie published at the time by the 
“On Saturday afternoon, there was a shooting in the Fluvial Vallarta subdivision, where up to now, an injured person , two detained people , a van with firearm impacts and two abandoned razer-type vehicles are reported. The agents seized a white van at the gas station on the Las Juntas bend, where two people are being held.
“Until now it is unknown what happened, since no one was a witness, the agents were only informed about gunshots on Fluvial Vallarta Avenue , Crossing with Great Lakes Avenue and upon arrival, the officers located the person wounded , in addition to the two abandoned razers.”
At the scene, the authorities located various AR-15 shells scattered along with two useful bullets of this caliber.
Sources close to the victims – at least 10 of them identified as small businessmen – reported that the abducted had already been located by criminals, apparently members of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG), according to the AM portal .
According to various testimonies, those affected were traveling in RZR-type vehicles, ATVs and all-terrain trucks , when they were intercepted by the armed group on  Avenida Fluvial , near the intersection with Avenida Grandes Lagos, in the Fraccionamiento Fluvial Vallarta.
The investigations carried out so far indicate that the tourists were on board several RZR vehicles, ATVs and trucks when they were ambushed on Fluvial Avenue and its confluence with the Great Lakes. There the tourists were captured and, as was said, one lost his life in the attack.
After a shooting, several of the people who were part of the tourist convoy were deprived of their freedom. Meanwhile, La Silla Rota reports that the events occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 21; ( not Sat July 18) during which Joaquín Miguel lost his life, who after trying to flee from the criminals was shot, remaining lifeless on the asphalt.
One businessman, Joaquín Alba, dedicated to the transport of construction materials, was wounded, who allegedly was hit by falling from one of the RZR-type motor vehicles. He later died in a hospital.
After the attack, municipal authorities located three vehicles that apparently belonged to the victims.
Another source close to the case said that the attackers began calling the relatives of the victims to ask for money for their ransom.
Until this Saturday there still was no official confirmation of the facts: 
Jalisco State Attorney General Solís Gómez “made it clear that neither in Jalisco nor in Guanajuato is there any complaint about the disappearance of people or that members of this group have been deprived of their liberty”. Solís Gomez on his Twitter feed says “follow our press coverage” . The Puerto Vallarta City Council also denies the event.
Meanwhile the State Attorney General Gerardo Octavio Solís Gómez , explained that the group of people came from the city ​​of Guanajuato , that some knew each other from time ago and others only by name or nickname. They enjoyed the trek through Ameca, Mixtlán, Mascota and San Sebastián del Oeste . However, in Puerto Vallarta, when they were spending the night and going to eat, they were intercepted by criminals who tried to rob them of their vehicles. A shooting was unleashed, leaving one injured, the man had tried to resist.         
“Due to the circumstances of their trip, they divided into two groups. One of the groups arrived at the Boca de Tomates beach, where they decided to eat. It is the group that would be made up of all-terrain vehicles. In the case of the pick ups there are data that were separated into another group, they arrived in Puerto Vallarta, they were walking along the boardwalk. They established communication with the Boca de Tomates group to continue to the accommodations they had contracted.
“Unexpectedly they are approached, their path is blocked by a series of vehicles, chaos ensues, they try to flee, there are a series of shots. One person is injured on the spot, others manage to flee, some standing on the ground, others in a vehicle. Later, various authorities, the municipal police and the public ministry arrive. The wounded person sadly dies in hospital. Various vehicles were insured , ” explained the prosecutor.
“ We have worked in the investigation of this homicide and in the search for missing persons, for the possibility that they exist. In Jalisco we have no complaint from any missing person. We have been working in coordination with the Prosecutor of Guanajuato, in that entity they have no complaint of disappearance either
“We do not have it here, there is no complaint of disappearance of people from Guanajuato. However, it is not an issue that we are leaving aside, it is part of the investigations along with the murder and theft. We will continue with this line. There is no complaint so far for the disappearance of a person, ” he added.
FYI: “Vallartazo”: 500 kilometer route in Jalisco, for all terrain vehicles. The path begins in Guadalajara and ends in Puerto Vallarta. The route clears obstacles such as gaps, mud flats, slopes, mountains, stones and all natural obstacles that 4X4 vehicles may overcome. It is an annual event.
As usual this leaves many more questions than answers.