Magdalena, Sonora: Multiple shootouts, former mayor killed in crossfire (footage)

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat TY SR via email

                          Alfonso Robles 2015 – 2018 former mayor killed in crossfire above

The former mayor of Magdalena, Alfonso Robles, died this afternoon amid the clashes between armed groups in Magdalena de Kino.
The warring between narcos spread terror in the population and authorities reported that in areas such as El Tacícuri, San Ignacio and the La Madera neighborhood and in the Caseta de Cobro, shootings were recorded.
Magdalena reported shootings yesterday as well.

Residents reported seeing a large convoy just before the shooting.
Comments via Borderland Beat, videos and emails reported many killed, however I have not been able to confirm or get a number.  The most I could find is 3 deaths, a civilian, which is the mayor, a narco and a police element.  That number could greatly rise when more facts are forthcoming.
The confrontation occurred around 4:00 p.m., which is when the first reports are that gunfire detonations began to be heard.
I will check tomorrow AM for further information.

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