LNFM announces cleaning in Zamora (Michoacan) confirms release of “Señor del Sombrero” arrested in March

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“We will cut the hand off of meth addicts….”

Zamora, Mich., May 14, 2020.- With the exchange of threats and messages from organized crime that fights for the control of Michoacán, “La Nueva Familia Michoacana” (LNFM), also known as “Los Viagras”, announced a “clean” of rival groups in the municipality of Zamora, claiming to be supported by “El Señor del Sombrero”, nickname of Salvador Oliveros Reséndiz, operator of Los Viagras in Gabriel Zamora, arrested last March.
Through a video that circulates on social networks, LNFM announced a presence  in Zamora.
“We come to clean up, we have support from ‘Del Sombrero’, and we come to do good things to support the people.”
In the recording, you can see at least twenty heavily armed men, dressed in military clothing and with their faces covered.
After charging that their rivals commit robberies and kill women, they also threaten methamphetamine addicts, who they say will cut their hands.
In the message they confirm  the release of Salvador Oliveros Reséndiz, alias “El Señor del Sombrero”, “Don Chavita” and / or “Don Chava del Sombrero”, arrested by police elements in the Pátzcuaro – Zirahuén section on  the free highway to Uruapan, last March 29.
Designated as head of plaza de Los Viagras in the municipality of Gabriel Zamora, Salvador Oliveros was captured in the possession of an AR-15 rifle with a magazine and a fragmentation grenade.
It was revealed that he was first captured by agents of the Attorney General of the Republic and released by them, and recaptured by the State Attorney, who was looking for whistleblowers to subject him to trial.
Meanwhile, he would have been released, unknown why he was not linked to possession of the weapon, ammunition, and grenade, and with this video confirms that he is operating again on the streets.