La Huacana Michoacan: New CJNG allied cartel announces arrival, sends messages to AMLO and Governor

Chivis Martinez  Borderland Beat Reforma, El Norte Twitter

New cartel Zicuirán New Generation CZNG,  allied to  CJNG sends greetings to the President, asks Silvano Aureoles and Durazo to ask the Mexican Army not to enter La Huacana Michoacán by land or by air. They threaten to shoot down aircraft and burn vehicles if they enter…
In a video on social networks, an armed group in Michoacán announced that it is part of the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and controls the Municipality of La Huacana.
The video shows more than 30 individuals covered in arms and long arms, dressed in black and wearing caps and shirts with the initials CZNG.
Behind the group, unfolded on a wall is a canvas with the legend “Cartel Zicuirán Nueva Generación”.
“We give a respectful warning to the Armed Forces, especially the Mexican Army: to refrain from invading La Huacana and our area” says one of the men when reading a message that has on a cell phone.
“We have made efforts to close and shield La Huacana, Zicuirán, Tumbiscatío, Arteaga, Las Cruces and Nueva Italia, we are not responsible for their safety.”
The man explains that the video is to announce the start of its operations and confesses that they decided to join the CJNG for being the group with the most presence and money.
He also sent a greeting to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to the Governor of Michoacán, Silvano Aureoles, and to the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection, Alfonso Durazo.
“A military element that we manage to capture by walking without permission in our area will be returned in a reasonable time,” he adds.
To the farmers he informs them that if they want to collaborate they go to the Municipal Presidency of La Huacana, while to those who have laboratories to elaborate methamphetamine they are announced that they must contribute double.
“Any aircraft that flies over without our permission will be shot down, any unit that enters will be held and burned,” he warns.
The individual also presumes that the municipal police are in the ranks of the CZNG.