Increased violence in Celaya, Guanajuato, after the appearance of an alleged new SLRC leader ‘El Azul

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Video narrative translation to English

                                                                Azul with Marro in Mazatlán

Video translation is as follows:

Denise Maerker: Following the
arrest of the leader of the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima. José Antonio Yepez Ortiz
known as El Marro. Intentional homicides in the state of Guanajuato decreased
14 percent. But in recent days the violence has increased again. Particularly
in Celaya. Where in addition the murders had fallen 30 percent.

And this came about so after the
appearance of a presumed new leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. A man
whose nickname is or calls himself El Azul. The following story is the work of
reporter Marco Antonio Coronel.

El Marro: Long live Guanajuato
you sons of fucking bitches !!!

Marco Antonio Coronel: The Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel
already has a new leader.
A man nicknamed El Azul. He’s the one who
became the successor of José Antonio Ortiz aka El Marro.

David Saucedo: The capture of
José Antonio at the center of this did cause an internal division within the
cartel. It caused a dispute to see who would assume control. El Azul assumed
that control.

Marco Antonio Coronel: The first
day that the name of El Azul appeared was on August 16. 14 days after El
Marro’s arrest. That day he ordered the release of this video. Where they once
again declare war on the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación.

CSRL Sicario Spokesman:
Guanajuato belongs to the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel. We will not allow the
Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación to enter into the state.
So the war continues.

Marco Antonio Coronel: El Azul is Adán Gonzalez Ochoa.
nicknamed El Gordo Paz. Who the authorities place as one of the financial
operators within the structure of El Marro.

David Saucedo: He was part of the
financial structure but he also played a role as plaza manager.

Marco Antonio Coronel: Last
February the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación published his face on banners
where they offered 500,000 pesos as a reward for him and for El Marro

David Saucedo: He has control of
shipments, warehouses, drug distribution routes, and clandestine fuel taps.
There is no one better informed concerning the situation of the Santa Rosa de
Lima Cartel than its current leader.

Marco Antonio Coronel: The
neighborhood of Juan Martín in Celaya is one of the communities where the armed
men of El Azul have entered. In the center of that town in front of the town’s
church they have left bodies and various narco messages.

Rodolfo Ramírez: Above all it
begins with the person as an individual. For this dishonors everyone. This
dishonors families. It also dishonors the entire community. These are the
circumstances that we are going through. And in which many are living through
in many places also.

CSRL Sicario Spokesman: Absolute
Comandante Azul bitches! Long live the Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima.

Denise Maerker: And so what can
we say. The truth is that it seems that this is a never ending story. A leader
is arrested. Another one appears. And the violence returns. Let’s see what