Important Change When Participating in Comments!

Effective immediately…

Recently it has become an issue with deleting a lot of comments from the main page from people (seems to be a handful posting shit over and over) who harass collaborators and just troll the comments section without providing any constructive discussion to the topic. For this reason and others, users will need to comment using an email. We can then ban emails if they are abusive toward collaborators or are trolling the messages that take too much time for us to filter them out. You can still remain anonymous by ensuring your email does not have any personal information and make your profile private, so no one can know who you are, but gives us the ability to ban emails without knowing who they are.
I would hope our members are understanding and supportive in  this effort, we have learned that the commenters play a crucial role in learning about the cartels but there are those who muddy the water with unnecessary BS.
Thank you for being here as part of the BB community.
Buggs and Chivis