Iguala: Narcos kidnap, torture and kill “Tuffito” the clown who entertained the poor

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat La Opinion

Armed men apparently related to drug trafficking groups kidnapped and murdered Juan José Millán Contreras, who made a living doing clown shows in the state of Guerrero.
The victim was known as “Tuffito”, was part of the ” Payaso [clown] Patrol ” created by the municipal government of Iguala, capital of the state of Guerrero to bring entertainment to poor communities.
According to local media, the victim’s body showed signs of torture and was found on the road that connects the municipalities of Iguala and Chilpancingo, near the La Sabana community.
The body bore bullet impacts  and on it a cartulina with a logo and  allegedly signed by organized crime which the content was not specified.
Apparently, Tuffito was kidnapped after finishing a presentation in the town of Las Balsas.
After being taken to the local morgue, he was transferred to the municipality of Taxco, where his mother claimed the body.
Despite the fact that since 2019 the presence of federal security forces has increased in the state of Guerrero, in southern Mexico drug trafficking cartels advance in the control of territories that are now disputed by 14 criminal groups, according to an analysis by the State Secretary of Public Security (SSP).
Although multiple groups have a presence in Iguala, it is Guerreros Unidos who has the greatest presence and control of the city.