Iguala Guerrero: El Malosi of G.U. abducted, interrogated, dismembered, he said reporters, police on the payroll

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Los Números Cartel,  abduct  “El Malosi” of  Guerreros Unidos,  they interrogate and supposedly reveal “operation and protection” network, which includes the mayor, Municipal and Ministerial Police,  regional Journalists. 
After the interrogation he was dismembered
In at least five clips, the man reveals the modus operandi of the criminal organization that operates in the municipality of Iguala in the state of Guerrero, in southern Mexico.
An armed group calling itself Los Números Cartel  captured, interrogated and then dismembered a member of the band of the drug known as Guerreros Unidos, “identified by his alias, El Malosi .
In at least five video clips, the man reveals the modus operandi of the criminal organization that operates in the municipality of Iguala in the state of Guerrero, in southern Mexico.
Graphic images below is blurred

Second video:  he points to Héctor Rodríguez alias “El Colín”  plaza chief of Guerreros Unidos and several other subjects for being supposedly behind “abductions” and executions.

Third video: reveals an alleged protection from G.U. which come from the mayor of Iguala, Antonio Jaimes who allegedly contributes more than 2 million pesos a month and also mentions the Regional Prosecutor Iguala, José Luis Martínez Silva, alias la Guayaba.

Note: Readers will recall G.U. and Iguala from the Iguala abduction of 43 normalistas students from the Raul Isidro Burgos Rural Teachers College of Ayotzinapain.  44 is the accurate number as one student, the only American, Julio Cesar Mondragon’s body, was discovered discarded in the streets of Iguala with his face completely skinned.  Autopsy revealed he was skinned alive. Two other students and three bystanders were also killed in the skirmish in September 2014 when hell came to Iguala.
Julio’s wife identified him by the shirt he was wearing, a recent gift from her

The executioners were said to be G.U. at first, José Luis Abarca the corrupt mayor and his wife, María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa,  were blamed for ordering the mass abduction, subsequently they were arrested and charged with organized crime charges but not involved in the mass kidnapping. 

In September 2009, brothers Alberto and Mario were murdered for their betrayal of Arturo Beltrán Leyva, something the mother addressed in her interrogation video subsequent to her abduction.

The far left normalistas take the buses for far travel and return them after their usage.  A long and common practice.  In this case they were going to Mexico City for a protest.

It is believed the cause of the abduction stemmed from drugs that were being trafficked on one of the buses taken by the normalistas.
Fourth video: He mentions an alleged money laundering network where he names various  people involved and companies as well as the leader of the community police in Teloloapan , Juan Carlos Flores, alías la Beba .
It also reveals that La Beba allegedly was behind the execution of some children whom they mistook for “hawks” (on the ground observers who  report the presence of authorities or rival groups).
Sixth video: He reveals that Guerreros Unidos allegedly has reporters on his payroll to whom he tells them what to upload and what to avoid, on regional/local news pages, in addition to a subject identified as Luis Adame is in charge of paying journalists. Later he reveals who are allegedly responsible for extortion in the area.