Guaymas/San Carlos Sonora: cartel de Caro Quintero leaves narco messages saying state is in collusion with CDS

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Addresses the El Brujo massacre

CDS leaves Mega-Cartulina in Caborca

Along with the discovery of the dead body of a male was a “narcomensaje”.  Three in total were located, one of them in San Carlos, [Guaymas] another one in the pedestrian bridge of the La Muralla and the third at the entrance to Empalme, in ‘La Maquinita’.  “As long as they continue to support Los Salazar, violence will continue in Guaymas”.  Social media refers to the authors as Caro Quintero group/cartel (Caborca Cartel) led by Rodrigo Omar Paz Quintero, 44, nephew of Rafael Caro Quintero. The translated text is a portion of the three.

“To the society in general, we want to communicate with you about the attack and execution of Javier Herrera Ortiz aka ‘El Brujo”.  Where also the life of his wife, Nallely Preciado Cantillon was taken and that of his minor daughter of 12 years. 3 other children were injured. This cowardly attack was planned and carried out by Francisco Alfredo Armenta Ontivero detained by the National Guard in April 2020, with stolen weapons and vehicles, he was released a few months later from Cefereso de Hermosillo.

We must remember that he is the son of the director of Public Security Silvestre Armenta. the ones who continue supporting the group Los Salazars of Navojoa. And where the captain of the Navy, Andrés Humberto Cano Ahuir, current director of Public Security in Guaymas, had knowledge and allowed this cowardly attack and hurting people from La Plaza. This way of operating is something that Salazars are able to utilize. 

“Captain America” wanted to kill Brujo in revenge of his love and partner Alan Castro who permits the extortions and kidnappings of Los Salazars in the Puerto of Guaymas. Ladies and gentlemen, Secretary of Homeland Security Alfonso Durazo, Governor Claudia Pavlovich, Attorney General, Claudia Indira Contreras and Secretary of Security David Anaya Cooley, as long as they continue to support “Captain America” and the “Mrs. Presidente” Sara Valle,  violence will continue in Guaymas, this should not be allowed  against families. 

Mr. President, AMLO investigate these criminals, as well as support for the Lebaron family, just because they are North American, these children are Mexican, perhaps the Lebarons are worth more because they are American, we are criminals and we fight criminals, we do not attack families.” 

Attn ‘La Plaza’ [there appears to be additional letters however the cartulina curls making it unreadable to determine either way]

Meanwhile, in Carborca, A Mega-Narco-Cartulina was hung in Puente de Quiroz y Mora.  The message claims Rodrigo Páez Quintero, a nephew and plaza boss of “Caro Quintero”, of violence and corruption of authorities.