Guanajuato – Violence and threats from CJNG displace an entire community: exodus in San Juan del Llanito

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Chivis Note: this is what happened in 2010 to the residents of Mier, they were warned, they scattered to shelters and homes of relatives and friends as they left Mier, a “Magical Town” of Mexico a virtual ghost town…..
A threat and the bullets piercing
the houses forced the inhabitants of the San Juan del Llanito community –
located in the municipality of Apaseo el Alto, Guanajuato – to flee their
Since Wednesday, the residents of
this region unexpectedly abandoned their properties to survive in the face of
the Cartel Jalisco New Generation.
The community, which has found
itself in the midst of the current coming and going of the  CJNG
and the remnants of Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, explains on that day, between 6:00 p.m.
and 7:00 p.m., a command arrived in town and  warned the people that they had
to leave before the sun went down. 
The attackers specified that it did not
matter if they had associations with organized crime, they were all a target.
This, understandably, caused concern and on Thursday morning the place was a ghost town, as reported by local media.
But it was not until the evening
that the state Armed Forces showed up. At that time, they were the only
occupants on the roads. They established checkpoints and patrolled.
On social networks they published
images of the scene of the events, which is located on the Fed exit ramp 45
that leads to the community.
In recent weeks, the San Juan del
Llanito community has suffered an outbreak of violence. On August 30, two men
were shot and killed. Ten days earlier, a dismembered corpse was found
underneath a bridge. Next to the body was placed a narcomensaje signed by the
Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel.
Faced with the absence of the
authorities, this Saturday, the residents of that community closed the
Pan-American Celaya-Querétaro highway, and  demand more security from the
National Guard in the area.
The invasion of  organized crime  in 
Guanajuato has taken much longer than the authorities report. According
to the security analyst and strategist, David Saucedo, the first phase occurred
in the governments of Juan Manuel Oliva (2006-2012) and his predecessor Juan
Carlos Romero Hicks (2012-2018), when they operated in the entity. local mafias
that had control of different areas of the state.
The analysis of organized crime
in Guanajuato details that what generated a radical change in security matters
was the invasion of  the Cartel Jalisco Nueva
Generación,  which sought to
control important cities in the state, to have free passage on the highways and
reach the Pacific port routes.
Above: Inhabitants of San Juan del Llanito, Apaseo el Alto, Guanajuato block the free highway to Celaya in protest over the insecurity situation after threats from criminal groups
Steve’s Note:  San Juan de Llanito is located approximately
25 km (15 miles) east of Celaya