Guanajuato: 21 killed in one day, 9 in León, which has become the hot spot

 Steve C Borderland Beat from AM

Guanajuato- Guanajuato experienced a violent day this
Thursday, when 21 people were killed in different municipalities, including two
merchants who died in an armed attack in the Piel de León area.

León was the city that registered the
most victims this day, with 9 deaths in total.

Salamanca was the second municipality with
the most victims.

• A cyclist was shot to death in the La Gloria neighborhood in
said municipality.

• In that same municipality, a 15-year-old minor was shot to
death in the San Juan de la Presa neighborhood; in addition, a man was injured.

• Around midnight, the body of a man was found in the Celaya –
Valle de Santiago bypass near the La Luz community.

‘Hot zone’ in the Laja Region.

• In Salvatierra, the bodies of two men were found outside the
Health Center of the Cupareo community . The victims had gunshot wounds. Inhabitants
of the community who came to the Health Center to get their file for
consultation made the finding so they immediately notified the authorities.

• In Acámbaro, two corpses were also found, the first on the
Jaripeo bypass , the height of the entrance to Conalep , was wrapped in plastic

• In the Solidaridad neighborhood , another was found, bound
and with gunshot wounds.

• In Celaya, a human head was found near some planters of the
Andador Diamante in the San Juanico neighborhood .

• On one side of the Northwest Axis, a body wrapped in plastic
bags was found in a vacant lot.

 Unofficially, it was
said that these remains and the head could be the same victim; however, this
was not confirmed by authorities.

• In Cortazar , a couple was attacked with bullets before the
eyes of witnesses, a few meters from the main garden. The man died at the scene
while the woman was injured.

• In Apaseo el Grande , armed men entered a house and shot
another to death in the community of La Purísima .

• In Valle de Santiago, armed men also forcibly entered a home
and took a 27-year-old young man, who hours later was found dead and with
gunshot wounds, on a dirt road in the community of Las Jicamas .