Four arrested, allegedly responsible for ambushing state police in Villa Guerrero EdoMex

 Chivis Martinez Borerland Beat TY Gus  Diario Veraz

Four young people were arrested
for being allegedly responsible for the ambush suffered by state police, where
three policemen were killed and one more than injured and taken to a nearby
hospital for emergency care.
The young men, three women and a
man fled in a sand-colored Jetta car with NHL9823 plates, which was irradiated
and located when they were going to  Toluca.
It is worth mentioning that the
attack occurred in the La Joya area in the municipality of Villa Guerrero, on
the Tenango-Ixtapan de la Sal Highway, in the town of Santa María, a place that
was protected by elements of the National Guard, as well as state police and
The identity of the detainees has
not been made public,  investigations are
still being conducted in order to locate more members of the criminal group,
responsible for this crime.