Execution in Puerta de Hierro Jalisco, a man killed with 40 shots and his wife injured in upscale area of Zapopan

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Zapopan, Jalisco His mother killed in 2012, father in 2013, in a separate killing his uncle killed in 2013. He was killed Tuesday by 40 gunshots.
The victims are a married couple; both approximately 25 years old, had just left a gym located on Avenida Empresarios
A seriously wounded woman and a dead man were the result of a gunshot attack on a building located in the Andares area, in Zapopan, Jalisco. The attack occurred this Tuesday, August 25, around 10:25 a.m.
The municipal police of Zapopan reported, according to Notisistema, that the victims are a couple: both approximately 25 years old, who had just left a gym located on Avenida Empresarios, in the Puerta de Hierro area. At least three armed individuals fired at them 40 times.
“It was in the basement parking where the detonations were heard. Upon the arrival of the police unit, it located a white Q8 vehicle. Inside, there is a lifeless person and a female who is being given medical services, ”the media reported.
The woman was transferred to a private hospital in the area and remains in serious health condition.
The agency pointed out that the attackers were at least three people who had the time to commit the attack and then leave through the parking lot, “like any other parking lot user”, aboard a gray car.
Motorized police [motorcycle police] personnel came to verify the event after the report of multiple detonations of firearms. Inside the  parking lot, in the basement of the establishment, the Audi van with the two victims was found.
Various sized casings were also reported found on the ground: around the vehicle were 40 of 9mm caliber were recorded, which were seized by experts from the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences (IJCF).
Medical Services personnel confirmed the man’s death. “They came from the gym, apparently they are married and it is the only thing we have at the moment. Of the culprits they fled in a gray Passat,  with sunroof; three people descended from it, who are the ones who carried out the detonations, “said a policeman, according to El Occidental.

Additional information:
Family of man killed in Andares area has tragic history father and mother murdered in 2012 and 2013
With the name of Arturo “N”, 26, the man murdered this Tuesday morning was identified in the parking lot of a building in the Andares area.
According to sources from the Jalisco Prosecutor’s Office, the man was engaged in real estate.
The sources consulted indicated that the victim this Tuesday is the son of a woman murdered in August 2012 in a ranch located in Zapopan where 1.5 million dollars, weapons, and fine animals were seized.
The father of Arturo “N” was murdered in April 2013 inside a bar on Lapis Lazuli Avenue.
His uncle, who at that time was a Sedesol official commissioned to Jalisco, was shot to death in July 2013 in Nextipac.
So far the motive for the crime committed this Tuesday is unknown.