El Salto Jalisco: Dozens of human remains discovered in clandestine graves

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  TY BB Follower  Informador Jalisco

A complaint led to the discovery of human bones on a property in El Salto,  authorities discovered several dozen remains between this Friday and Saturday, according to preliminary reports collected by authorities.
On the afternoon of this Friday, the El Salto Public Security Police Station answered a complaint received through 911, informing them that there were skeletal remains on a property at the intersections of the private Nardo and Calle Nardo, in the La Piedrera neighborhood.
Officials found two skulls in a black construction site, so they reported to the State Prosecutor’s Office who went to the site along with Forensic Sciences and Civil Protection personnel, where a pelvis and six bags with remains were also located.
This Saturday, the authorities returned to resume the search from 10:00 in the morning with Civil Protection and Prosecutor personnel from the Disappeared and Homicide divisions.
After several hours of excavations that concluded shortly after four in the afternoon, they located another 29 bags with human remains. However, work will continue to ensure that there are no more vestiges.
The State Prosecutor’s Office did not give details about the finding; it only reported that “bones” were found, but the amount was not specified.