El Chapo tells a criminologist he has only one addiction…..

By Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

Mónica Ramírez Cano is considered the best criminologist in Mexico.  She has interviewed some of the most famous criminals in Mexico, including Dámaso López “El Licenciado” and “El Z40” and  “The butcher of Ecatepec” who along with his partner murdered and cannibalized at least 20 women.
In 2016, Mónica Ramírez Cano met with El Chapo when he was incarcerated in Mexico, she subsequently created a criminal profile of Chapo.
Ramirez shares that El Chapo thinks of himself as an “entrepreneur”, who grabbed an ​​opportunity when it presented itself….. drug-trafficking. 
Ultimately, he proved himself to be an astute businessman, albeit an illicit business, his “IQ is normal.”
Says Ramirez; “Unlike other bosses who tend to importance on the personalization of the exercise of crime, such as Z-40 [Miguel Trevino] who committed atrocious acts of violence, Guzmán Loera is an old-school boss who respects the word.”
Judge Brian Cogan, who presided over Chapo’s NYC trial, accused Chapo during sentencing of “overwhelming evil”, after complimenting the defendant’s behavior in the court process.
Ramírez on Monday posted a 5 second video on her Twitter page, where she asks El Chapo, “What are your addictions?”
“None” answers the capo of Sinaloa Cartel, then adding “my only addiction is women”.
The video footage is of poor audio quality; therefore this post is reliant on reports widely published.
Ramírez has taken some heat for what her detractors say is a breach of ethics, which she rejects saying there is a large amount of information that she cannot share.
She did share a few details: That the capo does not like to be called Archivaldo; On the other hand, he appreciates being called Joaquín, and that  he likes to talk a lot, and of course, has an addiction to women.