Edomex and Michoacan: CJNG’s Chito Cano leads the war against Viagras/Familia Michoacana

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat 

“Chito Cano” is identified by federal authorities as a lieutenant of the CJNG.  He is leading the bloody war against Viagras/LFM in the border area of ​​the State of Mexico, Michoacán and Guerrero.

The CJNG has increased its influences in the state of Michoacán, where Viagras/New Familia Michoacana war against the advancement of CJNG.
Earlier in the week Chito Cano of the CJNG, sent a brutal message posing with a dismembered corpse of one of their rivals.
A video message was also sent affirming  that they support all the people of the state of Mexico and relay an open invitation to anyone who wants to join the CJNG to ‘end the rats’ of the Michoacán family, “who have unleashed a huge amount of violence in that state.”

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Further declaring that they are ‘Huetamo people’ under the command of Chito Cano, denying that they are broke, since he declares that the CJNG is the richest and most present cartel in all of Mexico, making it clear that they are there to help people .
Similarly, he invited people to no longer support the Michoacán family and to join their group, as staying with FM will only result in their working without pay, and end up being assassinated by CJNG.

Yesterday Yaqui posted the article about the 12 murdered men found in the bed of a red pickup truck in “Terrero Priieto” in Huetamo, Michoacán.  The deceased  accompanied by a cartulina.  The message said the 12 were a “belated Mothers Day gift to Chito Cano”.  It was signed by Familia Michoacana.
The brutal dispute involves both Michoacán and Edomex.