Destroyed: Four Marijuana Plantations in Camalú, BC = 58, 800 Plants

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: Zeta 

  The 67th Infantry Battalion calculates the destruction of 56,800 plants of the drug/  marijuana
Four marijuana plantations were destroyed by soldiers from the 67th Infantry Battalion in the Camalú municipal delegation, south of the city of Ensenada.

In a statement, the Mexican Army announced that on September 4, when conducting ground surveys in the Arroyo Valladares area, near Cerro Monarca, illegal crops were located.
After inspecting the area, it was preliminarily determined that the plantations covered an area of ​​14,200 square meters, with a density of four plants per square meter, for a total of 56,800 plants with a height of two meters
The military personnel destroyed and incinerated the plants,  there were no detainees.
The 67th Battalion makes available to citizens the telephone numbers 616 165 30 74 and 616 165 16 60 , as well as the email , to make anonymous complaints 24 hours a day.