Criminal Leader “El Flaco” Executed in Basaseachi

Elizaldo Bournes González, alias “El Flaco,” alleged leader of a criminal group that operates in the Ocampo municipality area and his brother Eleazar, were two of the 4 dead who were killed in a confrontation in Basaseachi.
According to information provided by personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office, El Flaco was identified as the person responsible for extorting the Pinos Altos mine and apparently had an arrest warrant for that crime.
The shootings left four people dead: two inside a white Lobo Ford pickup truck; one who died in a health center in the area and one more person in the Baquiriachi community.
At the moment the other people who were killed in the confrontation have not been identified. Likewise, another man that was injured,  was transferred to a private hospital in this city yesterday.
According to sources, “El Flaco”, head of sicarios belonging to “La Línea” in the area, murdered another alleged criminal nicknamed “Samy.” The brothers of  “El Samy” responded by killing “El Flaco,” his brother and a woman from who is said to be related to El Flaco.
The injured man, who was transferred to the capital hospital, was identified as Omar F. N. who was 29 years old, who sustained injuries to his arms. At the moment it is unknown if he was involved in the shooting or caught in the cross fire.
I just got information that the Bournes family retaliated for the death of El Flaco by executing  Edgar Alonso Villegas Sarrazín, “El H” who is boss of sicarios for Los Salazares in Hermosillo inside a barber shop in Colonia Libertad. He sustained three gunshots to the head.