Coronavirus Update 2

Chivis Martinez 
Wednesday 1:30am—Senate reaches 2T Coronavirus relief-stimulus agreement…………L.A. walking back report of Lancaster teen reported dead from coronavirus—CDC wants to take a look at what LA now calls “complex case…

STATS 3.25.20
U.S.: 55,243 Cases, 802 Deaths,  in last 24 hrs of those, New York: 25,665
Global: 438,749 Cases, 19,675 Deaths up 1449 in 24 hrs
Dumb it down: Four states; NY, NJ, Calif, WA have 34,453 of the 55,243 cases, and 60% deaths.   16 U.S. States have no deaths, 14 states have less than 100 cases

Mexico:  405 Cases 5 Deaths
Testing: in 8 days more tests than S. Korea in 8 weeks.  Fatality rate for S.K. and U.S. 1.2%.  as testing increases the U.S. death rate becomes lower.  It is with the nations with the lowest percentage. Average age 85. with three or more underlying pre-existing conditions. 

China: Ends  lock down in most places as daily life returns to normalcy Wuhan lockdown lifts April 8th. 
Wuhan China: The CV epicenter Ends mandatory quarantine on April 8th
Hong Kong: Tomorrow 3.24.20 another lock-down (info below)

Stocks: e+2,112.98 Dow’s best day since 1933

Trump sets a “flexible goal” of Easter to reopen U.S. taking in account “above all the health and safety of citizens…”
Fauci says data will determine where. That large areas are not that affected…so far.

Gallup Poll has Trump with an approval rating of 60% for his handling of the crisis, including independents. 94% of Republicans, 60% of independents, and 27% democrats
His presidential job approval rating now is 49%
Trump, during Fox News coronavirus townhall, calls for re-opening economy by Easter: ‘We have to get back to work’

Trump on COVID-19 relief bill hang up: ‘No way I’m signing’ with ‘Green New Deal stuff’ in it. for example; 35M for The Kennedy Center, Federalizing Elections, Solor Panel and windmill rebates….
Pence says thousands of ventilators en route to New York amid coronavirus crisis
Pence says White House not considering a nationwide coronavirus lockdown
VP Pence details what Trump is doing to support small businesses right now
VP Pence: FDA approved ‘off label’ use for Chloroquine, no barrier to access
Dr. Fauci NIAID: “Trump as an incessantly inquisitive leader who heeds scientific counsel.”

Hong Kong: Tomorrow 3.24.20 another lockdown as stats reveal uptick
Previously HK required a at home quarantine when entering HK.
On March 2, after several weeks of shutdown, most of Hong Kong’s 180,000 civil servants returned to their offices, with the private sector following their lead. It all seemed fine until March 16. But now, with the number of confirmed cases nearly doubling in the past week, as of Wednesday, only residents will be allowed back in the territory. Civil servants are back working at home and strict quarantine measures are in place once again.

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