Confrontation in Magdalena de Kino and Cucurpe Sonora

Chivis Martinez TY Borderland Beat Follower Expreso.Com

Violence continues to plague Sonora, in Ciudad Obregón alone this month there have been 12 killings so far
After a confrontation between groups of criminals the State Public Security Police reported seizures of cars and weapons.

The official state bulletin indicates that 911 received the report in the early morning that detonations by a firearm were heard in the vicinity of the municipality of Magdalena.

The different police corporations were notified so that the State Police immediately mounted an operation in that area, without finding victims; this despite the fact that the shootings occurred from 2:15 am to dawn, around 6:00 am.
When traveling on the road that leads from Cucurpe to Magdalena, they noticed several vehicles that were speeding, which were introduced to gaps and roads in the sector, so they requested support from other corporations to locate them.
During the operation, the state police located 7 vehicles of various models and in which were found useful ammunition of different calibers, a pair of fragmentation grenades, 3 long M4 weapons and a short one, 2 AK 47 of the known as goat’s horn, plus a shotgun.
With the support of the SSP helicopter, the Municipal Police and personnel from the National Defense Secretariat (Sedena), the state elements continue with coordinated and team operations in that sector.