Comandante “Pin Pon” of Tropa del Infierno killed in Nuevo Laredo

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat  

After a confrontation with the State Police in Nuevo Laredo, Hugo Alejandro Salcido, known as El Porras or Pin Pon, chief operating officer of the CDN, died last night.
The dawn of this Sunday, died, after a confrontation with state police in Nuevo Laredo, Hugo Salcido alias ‘El porras’ or ‘El Pin Pon’ , operational head of the Tropa del Infierno Hell Troop , belonging to the Northeast Cartel.
According to official information, the confrontation took place between state police officers and a group of armed men who manned several trucks.
After the shooting, he was seriously injured and later died, Hugo Alejandro Salcido, ‘El Porras’ or ‘El Pin Pon’, operational chief of the group.
In fact, an element of the state police died and two more were wounded.
Several of the criminal group was wounded, including the criminal leader who later died at a Medical Care Center in Nuevo Laredo.
‘El Pin Pon’ was a subordinate of Martín Rodríguez Barbosa alias ‘El Cadete’ , responsible for the personal security of Juan Gerardo Treviño Chávez alias ‘El Huevo’ , leader of the now CDN.
The Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office offers a reward of 2 mp for information leading to the capture of ‘El Cadete’.
In the confrontation, two vehicles were incinerated  by the impact of the bullets: a patrol and one from the criminal group.