CJNG and LFM Pay $125 and Assassinate them anyway; VIDEOS w Violent Content

Yaqui for Borderland Beat from: LaOpinion

VIDEO: CJNG and Familia Michoacána paid them $ 125 dollars on average and brutally killed them anyway.  One was dismembered alive and the others were shot burning clothes.

In recent days it has been revealed that the world of drug trafficking is not so glamorous nor are all those who become millionaires, with cars, houses and ostentatious objects to boast, on the contrary, more people die with just a few dollars as salary , his real pay is a death full of brutality.

They are the ones who are down low in the chain, the ones who are used like cannon fodder through deceit with the promise of a better life that in reality little by little is turning into hell until, even if it goes well, they find death in a confrontation or in the worst case they are tortured, dismembered and even burned alive.

OK : I just forced myself to look at them all and they do not show the final act, but I am not guarantying what anyone else might see on their server! It is plenty to give you a good idea of what is in store for all of the young men.  

Proof of this is the battle carried out by the  La Familia Michoacána Cartel ( LFM ), the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel ( CJNG ) where in recent days they have shown all kinds of videos in which they show their men being interrogated, all agree on two things, how little they get paid and that they are ruthlessly killed.

A “hawk” from the CJNG revealed to the Familia Michoacána  that they give the men $ 152 dollars ($ 3,500 pesos) and another $ 87 dollars ($ 2,000 pesos), although it does not clarify if that sum is per month, week or fortnight, but reveals that the amount varies because sometimes the bosses tell them that they have no money to pay him. After questioning, he was shot and died.
In that video war, another a young man, who confesses to being from La Familia Michoacána confesses that he is paid just over $ 220 dollars a month (12,000 pesos), he was dismembered alive after interrogation.
While in another video a subject who is nicknamed “El Hormigo” and who was commander of the CJNG in Toluca , the capital of the State of Mexico, who was loading reveals that he earned $ 215 dollars ($ 5,000 pesos) a month, he and another subject were then shot with a high- powered Barret M82 rifle , considered the most powerful in the world.
On average, $ 195 dollars a month is what the drug traffickers who fight in the Tierra Caliente that comprises the states of Michoacán, Guerrero and the State of Mexico earn, for that amount, they kill themselves, they kill each other, they live for death and they die in brutal ways.